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At Upfront we believe in quality. Quality underpins what we do, how we do it and why we do it. We employ passionate people who put passion and attention to detail into what they do.

who we are

We are an ideas led digital agency and we focus on conceived, crafted and contagious ideas for the digital age.

Stay a while and get to know us. Even better, drop us a line, phone us or drop by for a coffee. We would be more than happy to talk to you about what we do and we would love to hear about what you do.

At Upfront we are Digital Marketing Evangelists. We live, breath, eat, sleep digital in all its forms and we love it. We have been in this game since 1998. 4 years after the first banner made an appearance with its now mythical 44% Click Through Rate. Since then a lot has changed, digital has grown up, yet it is still misunderstood and still misrepresented.

Upfront has been created with the sole aim of helping our clients get the most out of digital.

The Team

Harmony is a key principle for us! It allows our teams and individuals to trust each other. Understanding that their input will be respected and that their work will be elevated by the contributions of the wider team.

The creative department seamlessly fuses with the execution and technology department. The search team is one with the social team and insight and analytics are part of what everyone else does. For us, it means a stimulating and rewarding workplace. For our clients, it means harmonized solutions that are engaging, effective and accountable.

Thorsten Nolte

CEO/ Inventor of Creative Happiness

Nev Simms

CTO/ Geek Troops Leader

Meg Sunega

Creative Director/ Design visionary & trailblazer

Manu Menon

Country Manager Malaysia‏

Jonathan Adams

Account Director/ Client Relations Guru

Juno Limjap Sison

Communications Planning Director/ Digital Marketing Rockstar


In order to synchronize all our working parts, we follow an internal doctrine that focuses our thinking. This in turn allows us to accomplish great work for our clients.


An authentic and exciting idea is a journey. It begins by delving into the very nature of our client's brand and their consumers - what truly makes them tick. What truly makes them special. From there we discuss, plan and generate ideas that spark an engaging shift in thinking and action.


Getting an idea from pen to paper is a process of care and attention. It is not about point and click. It is not about adapting previously used ideas. It is the inspiring thought communicated in a simple, shareable and engaging fashion. On paper or the screen. It is about using creativity and technology in a way that is intuitive and inviting. It is about making engagements natural and streamlined. It is about taking pride and transmitting pride in one's work.


Ideas that are well conceived and mindfully crafted are naturally contagious. Quality speaks for itself. Quality garners attention. Quality gets shared.




We want to bring a great idea to life. But first, we need to know why it needs to come alive.

ideation and strategy.

We will research and think of interesting ways to make a great idea - the kind of idea that changes everything.


We get our teams to plan and plot ways that would maximize the impact of our idea.



The whole agency partners with the client to bring the idea to life based on everything we’ve gathered.


We start building everything meticulously and passionately to perfection. In this digital age, we must attentively adapt the idea to the current needs of our audience in order to stay relevant - in order to remain contagious.


return on investment.

Great ideas that are perfectly executed spread like wildfire.


We created a buzz that’s too loud to ignore.



A momentous impact is a must in every ad campaign.

Malaysia Airlines

Remarkable journeys experienced through travel or online, were indeed captured by the MAS target market.


We just transformed passive, lifeless corporate events to informative yet exciting experiences.


Motivating Singapore car drivers to be pro-active about car insurance seemed almost impossible.


With turning the uncool to cool concept, this definitely peaked the interest of online gamers.

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